Humphrey is a central northern neighborhood located in the Western Australian city of Frontier. It is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city, both by footprint and by population density. The neighborhood is surrounded by the Industry, East Township, Northside, and Vestige neighborhoods.

Despite its size, the neighborhood is on the edge of complete economic collapse. The huge spike in crime, especially that perpetrated by street gangs operating in this area and the adjacent neighborhood of Northside has driven away businesses in the area.

An ever decreasing police presence and the subsequent vandalism of property as crime and living conditions worsen have had a significant magnification on the decay of the area.

Despite this, a few areas of the neighborhood still draw in customers. One of these Glow Street, is the core of the sex industry in the area. Along this 6-kilometer strip of the neighborhood, there are more strip clubs, peep shows, adult theaters and books stores, bars and hourly hotels than in any other portion of the city.

Another area of this neighborhood, is the Crush. This strip lies just a short distance from the heart of the neighborhood. It is one of the most densely populated portions of the city and is comprised of every sort of low-end retail shop, arcades, clubs, liquor stores, bondsmen, hotels, theaters, haberdasheries, and other similar shops. many of these possess apartment buildings or tenements in the same building.

Of particular interest is the Point, a section of town located in the far southern portion of the neighborhood. The Point takes its name from the Point Hotel. This iconic hotel has managed to remain active and functional despite the fact that most of the surrounding neighborhood has been rapidly decaying as a result of gang activity. The Point, however has managed to avoid most of this, as the six blocks surrounding the hotel have become patrolled and rule of law enforced by On Point Security, the Hotel’s security force. As such, the area immediately surrounding the hotel has remained safer and better maintained as opposed to the remainder of the surrounding area.


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