Inmara Police Drone


The Inmara Police Drone is an advanced and sophisticated surveillance and police enforcement drone designed and operated by the Inmara Security Corporation. These drones are equipped with powerful Helios reactors that allow them to operate for extended periods of time without refueling or resupply. The 1-meter diameter drone is equipped with a variety of surveillance equipment, including optical and audio systems. They possess networking capabilities which allow a single unit to request coordinated assistance from other nearby Police drones. The Drones were introduced in 2047. There are currently 500,000 in operation throughout Australia.

In order to best be able to enforce their authority the drones are well-armed and possess a series of four integrated reciprocating 14-mm Automatic cannons.

  • Type: 14-mm Autocannon X4
  • Weapon Accuracy: +2
  • Concealability: N
    • (P= Pocket, J= Jacket, L= Longcoat, N= None)
  • Availability: R
    • (C= Common, U= Uncommon, P= Poor, R=Rare, U= Unique)
  • Damage: 5d10+2 AP
  • Ammunition: 14-mm Armor piercing
  • Magazine: 500 rounds each
  • Rate of Fire: 25 round burst
  • Reliability: VR
    • (UR= Unreliable, PR= Poor reliability, ST= Standard Reliability, VR= Very reliable)
  • Range: 100-M
    • (Close – no Penalty, Medium – -1 Penalty, Long- -2 Penalty, Far – -3 Penalty, Extreme – -4 Penalty)
  • Purchase Price: N/A

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Inmara Police Drone

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