Monsato is a primarily agricultural neighborhood located in the City of Frontier. It is located far out on the southeastern edge of the city. It borders the Frontier neighborhoods of Obberland, Findlay Park, Ebberton, and Bellamy. It is located immediately to the south of Bellamy Ridge.

When this community was initially established by the Monsato Agriculture conglomerate, Frontier was a very young city. The Company developed the plans used to construct Liberty Docks. These development plans included the basic design of the Frontier Canal and the Ungud Pumping Station. While Monsanto did not construct the Frontier Canal, the Ungud Pumping Station or the Liberty Docks, they were a major political power behind the project, even providing significant funding to assist the project in reaching it’s full realization.

It has long been surmised that the extensive financial support that the conglomerate provided to these projects resulted in the complete collapse of the companies finances.

The company had already constructed two massive Agricultural areas. The first was known as the Mansato Greenspace Facility. This facility was comprised of a unique green space design, and became the administrative center for the Monsanto neighborhood. Even after the company pulled out, the local government for this Neighborhood moved into the facility to maintain the various community services that had been so completely integrated and dependent upon the continuing operation of the Center.

The second massive structure was the Monsato Solar Dome. This massive structure has become an enclosed farming system, coupled with an Ecopark and Solar Power Generation Facility.

Today, although the company that founded it is no longer viable, Monsato continues to move forward into the future, growing a large number of agricultural crops, the sales for which support the public services and maintenance of Public spaces in the Neighborhood.


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