Obberland is a hotspot neighborhood in the city of Frontier. The neighborhood is located in the far southeastern portion of Frontier. The neighborhood is bordered by Monsato, Findlay Park, and Victoria neighborhoods.

The neighborhood has been a hot bed of anarchy for the better portion of a year. This was a direct result of the forced drafting of able bodied males in the neighborhood. In 2049, the city government was looking for an inexpensive means to repair, improve and construct infrastructure throughout the city.

The Obberland neighborhood was one of the poorest in the city, and a specialized work program was developed to provide the Obberland residents with steady employment. However, the compulsory nature of the program and the exceptionally low-wages associated with the back breaking labor required made the program exceptionally unpopular.

When an expose was released by local news outlets detailing the appealing living and working conditions of those in the program, the entire neighborhood erupted into a massive riot.

Police and military personnel were able to contain the riot to the Obberland neighborhood, but the damage to an already impoverished neighborhood was done. The occasional resurgence of anti-authority riots has forced a permanent police presence in the area, transforming this neighborhood into a constant combat zone between police and local residents.

Continuation of the infrastructure improvement program drives a great deal of the hatred between the sides, as those arrested are automatically forced into the work program regardless of the severity of their offense. these individuals are often treated to harsh penal conditions.

While the majority of the zone is not technically under police lockdown. There are secured areas within the neighborhood that are under significant police control. These police block houses only really exercise control over a very small area, perhaps maximizing out at about a control distance of roughly three or four city blocks.

The Obberland Work Camp is one of the most noticeable locations in the neighborhood. The massive camp holds nearly 1,250 workers, all of which were either drafted for the project or were assigned to the program as a part of a penal punishment for any number of crimes. The work camp is located on the farthest southern border of the neighborhood and lies technically just outside the border of the city.

Two other features of this neighborhoods are the very distinct and somewhat oppressive security Checkpoints leading from this neighborhood into other portions of the city. The first, Obberland Checkpoint Alpha is located on the official border between Obberland and Findlay Park. The border between the two zones is heavily fortified, with a heavy duty security fence line. Only a single access point remains between Obberland and Findlay Park, and it is this access point that is secured by Checkpoint Alpha. The second, Obberland Checkpoint Beta, acts in the same capacity as the Alpha Checkpoint. The Beta Checkpoint secures the only access point between Obberland and Victoria.

The border between Obberland and Monsato has been completely sealed. The terrain there is generally considered to rugged for easy transportation into or out of the Combat Zone that Obberland has become. It is therefore of little surprise that individuals wishing to enter or exit the zone unwitnessed often utilize paths through this semiporous border with Monsanto.


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