Orient is a Frontier neighborhood located on the southern banks of the Frontier Canal. It is south west of The Core, Northwest of Newton and Borders both the Frontier International Airport and the neighborhood of Mumbly located on its south eastern edge. The M-9 Motorway runs through it.

Originally this area of the city became the area that was settled by immigrants from Southeast Asia. Koreans, Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese populations predominately settled in this portion of the city. As a result it became known as Orient, or alternately as Little Asia.

With the outbreak of hostilities with Chine in the 2040’s, fear that Chinese agents had infiltrated urban areas across Australia began to create a sense of distrust for the Orient neighborhood.

In 2044, the City officials, bowing to increasing pressure from anti-Chinese pressures, and spurred by increases of Hate crimes both by and against Asian immigrants passed the Barrier Initiative.

This initiative would wall-in the entire neighborhood, restricting the flow of people coming and going into the predominantly Asian neighborhood. The two military checkpoints would screen individuals coming and going from the neighborhood, preventing the likelihood of espionage by inhabitants.

Effectively this turned the entire once-thriving neighborhood into a urban prison area, or Ghetto.

Inhabitants were identified and strict curfews were enforced. As tensions rose, the area began to become crowded due to the relocation, sometimes forced, of Asian minorities previously living in other parts of the city into the Orient neighborhoods.

Police forces for the city rarely intervene within the confines of the neighborhood, allowing the inhabitants to police their own, or intervening only in force when absolutely necessary.

This has allowed Asian-based organized crime or street gangs to establish significant control over the area. Most residential neighborhoods depend upon martial arts or self-defense gangs for protection against criminal elements with in the city.

The neighborhood is both clean and modern in some portions and overcrowded and rotting in others. The macrocosm of the entire city can be found in this one neighborhood.


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