Pinnacle is a neighborhood located in the city of Frontier. The area is bordered by the Bellamy, Canal Springs, Liberty Docks, Uptown and Ebberton neighborhoods. The M-3 Motorway runs north-south through the neighborhood.

The neighborhood is a mix of upscale and decaying structures. The nicer structures and services are those located close to Frontier University and the various scattered research facilities located in this neighborhood. Generally, the poorest portions of the neighborhood border the Canal Springs and Liberty Docks neighborhoods.

During it’s heyday, the neighborhood played host to a large number of light industrial manufacturing and prototyping companies. These usually supported the various university research programs and the private research interests located in this area. This employed a significant number of workers, and created a thriving support industry in this area.

However, with the outbreak of the Pacific Conflict, many of the smaller companies could not meet the requirements of the new research needs and were slowly driven out of business. this resulted in unemployment, which cascaded across the service industry that had been put into place over the years. When this collapsed, the area became all but abandoned.

It is only with the ceasefire, that the university and research companies are able to return to a more normalized research agenda. This will eventually lead to the re-establishment of the light manufacturing and industrial support industries returning to the neighborhood. For the moment, however, the area is a mix of abandoned decaying structures, slum housing, and the newly gentrified business and university districts that are just beginning to return to the area.


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