Port Lee


Port Lee is a neighborhood located in the city of Frontier. It borders the neighborhoods of Eden Barrows, Agworks, and Carson. The neighborhood is bordered by the Frontier Canal, Directly across the canal, opposite Port Lee, is the Frontier International Airport, and the neighborhood of Orient. Port Lee is connected to Camp Waverly by the Waverly Island Bridge.

Port Lee is a coastal neighborhood. One of the main economic drivers in the neighborhood is the Cruise ship terminal and the support businesses for the cruise tourism industry. In addition, to the cruise port, additional port facilities also generate revenue. There are light cargo facilities, as well as private yacht and marina services. These industries are supported by dry docks, marine services and other related industry support companies.

Among the more interesting areas in the neighborhood is the Port Lee Cruise Terminal. This structure is located on the northern edge of the neighborhood. Another place of interest is the Brinks Aquatic Sport Complex. This complex was originally built to host the 2048 Summer Olympics. With the cancellation of the games due to the Pacific Conflict, the site remained unused. In 2050, the property was re-invented as an aquatic sports complex, and opened to the public. The Twin Towers Marina is situated directly off the southern coastal end of the neighborhood. It resides on an artificial island, built by the owners of the marina. The Towers serve as expensive condominiums. Private water taxis private transportation for residents if they do not wish to use their personal vessels, as it is reachable only by ship.

Of all the landmarks associated with the Port Lee neighborhood, one of the most unusual, is the offshore shipwreck of the MV Atlas. This massive cargo carrier ran aground on a section of reef in the bay, after suffering a navigation failure of her automated system. The vessel became firmly ensconced in the reef and no efforts have been attempted to recover her or her cargo. currently the wreckage serves as a makeshift campsite for an aquatic Nomad Pack calling themselves The Untamed.

Port Lee operates one of the two Frontier Ferry lines. This line connects Port Lee to the Sable Channel Islands.

Port Lee

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