A Proxy is a artificial humanoid, more commonly known as an android. These Proxies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, offer a variety of features and options, including specialized skill packages and sexual skill sets.

Proxies can be as obvious or as covert as desired, ranging from the super chromed body options to the Realskin TM covered units. Proxies are generally autonomous, not requiring any significant input from a human operator to perform tasks and undertake a variety of activities.

The units have the ability to chip Simsense technology, making it possible to possess a Proxy that is almost indistinguishable from a biological human being. Proxies fulfill a variety of functions. These include acting as an inexpensive workforce in undesirable or inherently dangerous jobs. Sex Workers and escorts are another common use for Proxies.

One of the more interesting use of a proxy is for Refacing. When used for this function, a Proxy will be designed to the exact appearance of a specific individual. They will then be uploaded with Simsense personalities and used as decoys in place of the biological humans they are imitating.

The most common need for these fall into the body double role, where it may be dangerous for the actual human to appear in public, or if a credible but unspecified threat exists against that individual. Some top executives maintain Proxies in various cities, allowing them to make visitations to various corporate branches without the need for personal physical travel.

Currently all Proxies are designed, manufactured and sold and maintained by Futuretech Proxy Corporation and their authorized dealers. Their corporate headquarters is located in the Halfton neighborhood in the Western Australian city of Frontier.


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