The Sentinel Patrol Drone is an Australian autonomous combat drone deployed around the Chinese Occupied Zones on The Australian mainland. There have been reports of these drones wondering off target, and wandering through the outback engaging any unidentified targets. usually this is attributed to software or hardware damage.

These drones track friend or foe through specialized IFF transponders. They engage all enemies within their operational range.

The drone is self stabilizing, possessing four spider-like legs that allow it to maneuver over almost all terrain. The Sentinel is relentless, and will engage enemy units even if they have run out of ammunition.

The Sentinel is armed with a twin pair of 50mm Vulcan rotary cannon. The drone carries 5,000 rounds of ammunition per gun. In addition to the Vulcan the drone is armed with a pair of multipurpose grenade launchers. With five barrels per launcher, this allows the Sentinel to rapidly deploy a variety of grenades, either as individual charges or in barrages designed to degrade enemy strong points or heavily armored vehicles.

The general 40-mm grenade complement consists of twenty of each of the following types of grenades per launcher.

  • Incendiary
  • High Explosive
  • Smoke
  • Strobe
  • Concussion
  • Timed Detonation

50-mm Vulcan Rotary Cannon X2

  • Weapon Accuracy: +3
  • Availability: R, Military
  • Damage: 10d10 AP
  • Ammunition: 50-mm
  • Magazine: 5,000
  • Rate of Fire: 100
  • Reliability: VR
  • Range: 250 m

40-mm Grenade Launcher X2

  • Weapon Accuracy: +2
  • Availability: R, Military
  • Damage: Varies, depending on type deployed
  • Ammunition: 40-mm grenade
  • Magazine: 120
  • Rate of Fire: 1,5
  • Reliability: VR
  • Range: 450 m

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