The Pinch


The Pinch is a neighborhood in Frontier bounded on three sides by the Frontier Canal. Directly across the river are the neighborhoods of Uptown, Southside, and the Core. On the same side of the river, the Pinch is bordered by the East Township and Central City neighborhoods.

During the early years of the city’s development the Pinch was designated as a light industrial and warehousing district. This formula created massive sections of this neighborhoods wherein only warehouses existed.

As a result, when several of the companies found themselves unable to conduct lucrative business during the Pacific Conflict years, the warehouses were abandoned to their fate.

Many of the properties remain unclaimed or unowned to this day. In many of them small businesses have parceled out the larger warehouses, converting some space into storefronts, small community clinics, small loan businesses, flats or workspaces for rent. Those structures too run down to be desirable, have becomes havens for the homeless, the destitute or the wanted.

The once bristling Canal frontage of the neighborhood is now run down and dominated by adult bookstores and theaters. The number of pawnbrokers, bail bondsmen and other related elements of society are the most common aspects in this rapidly decaying section of the city.

The Pinch

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