Every once in a while we need a little transportation. It can be a private conveyance, public transport or something more exotic. This is a list of Vehicles that have appeared in our games.

Custom Vehicles

How to read Statistics

  • Type: This is the Type of vehicle.
  • Top Speed: This is the stock top speed of the vehicle. This is measured in KPH
  • Acceleration/Deceleration: This is the rate at which the vehicle can accelerate and decelerate in a single round. This is measure in KPH
  • Crew: How many people are needed to operate the vehicle.
  • Range: Maximum range this vehicle can travel on a single tank of fuel.
  • Passengers: How many passengers this vehicle can carry in addition to the crew.
  • Cargo: Any available cargo space, this is measured in KG
  • Maneuverability: any bonuses or penalties granted or imposed by the operation of this vehicle. These penalties apply to any vehicle operations rolls made while operating this vehicle.
  • SDP: Structural damage points. The amount of damage that the vehicle can take before being “totaled.”
  • SP: Stopping power. Any armor value that the vehicle may possess.
  • Mass: The weight of the empty vehicle in KG
  • Purchase Price: Cost to purchase the base model of this vehicle in credits.



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