Victoria is a neighborhood located in the South Central portion of the Western Australian city of Frontier. It is bordered by the communities of Mumbly, Newton, Findlay Park, and Obberland.

The neighborhood is a mix of decaying buildings and urban crush. The area has one of the best public transportation systems in the city. In addition to the normal routes of metro buses and the Hyperloop, the area also runs a neighborhood wide Street trolley system. This makes Victoria one of the easiest areas of the city to move around in.

Originally, the neighborhood was the primary link between Frontier and the remainder of the Australian Continent. This was due to the presence of the commercial and cargo rail depot at Masterson Depot. When the Transcontinental Maglev was completed, the more traditional rail connections to the city foundered. As a result the city closed the Depot. This, however, was not the end of the life for that structure. The Building was adopted by the community and currently acts as an indoor public market.

A few businesses are considered representative of the community. These include the Historic Heavensent Donuts shop, the only dedicated donut bakery remaining in the city. There is also the notorious BITS, a renowned Burlesque and escort company. Competing with them for the attentions of patrons is the equally morally ambiguous Serpentine’s, a Burlesque and All-Nude review that includes serpents in each of their shows. And of course, who could forget the incredibly infamous Tattoos and Guns, a combination tattoo parlor and Gun store.

The variety of businesses demonstrate the diversity of the community found here.


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