The Warhammer Autonomous AntiVehicle Drone is an Australian autonomous combat drone deployed around the Chinese Occupied Zones on The Australian mainland. These semiautonomous drones are designed to patrol a designated area and skeet and engage any enemy vehicles violating that space. The Drones 30-mm Armor Penetrating rounds are equally capable of destroying Armored or light ground vehicles as well as aircraft violating the patrolled zones.

Although the units are primarily designed to destroy vehicles, they also recognize and engage ground forces, should they be encountered. The Drone uses advanced IFF transponders to distinguish between friendly and unfriendly targets.

The drone is self stabilizing, possessing three independently stabilized articulated legs that allow it to maneuver over most terrains.

The Tempest is armed with four 30-mm auto cannons arranged in a quad configuration. The tempest will remain on patrol until all ammunition is expended. Once all munitions are expended, the unit will automatically relocate itself to its assigned depot to rearm.

Quad 30-mm Autocannon

  • Weapon Accuracy: +4
  • Availability: R, Military
  • Damage: 5d10 AP
  • Ammunition: 30-mm
  • Magazine: 60,000
  • Rate of Fire: 300
  • Reliability: VR
  • Range: 2 km

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