Weapons. We all need them to get through life. They keep us safe, serve as companions, friends and protectors. They’re always there when we need them, and we’d be helpless without them. Let me show you my…weapons.

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How to read Statistics

  • Type: This is the classification of the weapon. It will fall into one of the above categories.
  • Weapon Accuracy: This is any penalty or bonus offered to the accuracy of the weapon. In many cases, modifications can be made to improve weapon accuracy above the base model.
  • Concealability: This is the type of concealability possessed by the weapon.
    • (P= Pocket, J= Jacket, L= Longcoat, N= None)
  • Availability: This is the general likelihood of acquiring this weapon on the street.
    • (C= Common, U= Uncommon, P= Poor, R=Rare, U= Unique)
  • Damage: This is the damage dealt by the weapon.
  • Ammunition: This is the size and type of ammunition the weapon uses.
  • Magazine: This is the number of shots the weapon possesses before reloading is required.
  • Rate of Fire: This is the selective fire options available for this weapon. The number of rounds that can be fired in a single combat round.
  • Reliability: This is the general toughness and reliability of this weapon
    • (UR= Unreliable, PR= Poor reliability, ST= Standard Reliability, VR= Very reliable)
  • Range: This is the range increment of the weapon. Each multiple of this range is considered a new range category and includes penalties for range as follows:
    • (Close: No Penalty, Medium: -1 Penalty, Long: -2 Penalty, Far: -3 Penalty, Extreme: -4 Penalty)
  • Purchase Price: base cost to purchase this weapon in credits. May be modified by availability or circumstance.



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