Welcome to the city of Frontier, a crumbling megacity jam-packed full of people, neon lights, advertisements, and slums. The elite exist above the rotting corpse of the city, in massive towers, sequestered away from the down-trodden masses, who in turn are confined to the smog-ridden dark alleyways of the lower city. This once technological utopia, has slowly collapsed into the dark and gritty underbelly of dystopia. The Government is virtually disbanded and it’s replacement, the members of the corporatocracy, rule in the name of greed, power and profit. They give little thought to morality, public safety or the average person in society. The elite of the city has marginalized the masses. Desperate, these outcasts become hackers, drug dealers, rebels, ravers, transhumanists, and social messiahs. Many are easily distracted by the lure of the latest designer drugs, Transhumanist body modifications, virtual reality and the omnipresent pulse of cyberspace. In a city where the line between cyberspace and real space becomes blurred and indistinct, citizens spend a large portion of their daily lives living in virtual space, blending the electronic and the physical into one suppurating existence, slowly absorbing the apathetic message of corporate consumerism. But within the ranks of the downtrodden are those that are driven. Driven to fame, notoriety, foment revolution or social change. These cyberpunks struggle through the technological morass of social depression in an attempt to rise from the mire to achieve something great. This is the place the characters of Interface 2050 call home. These are their challenges, and this is their story.

Interface 2050

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